SkePU skeleton programming library v1.2

by Christoph Kessler, May 22, 2015

SkePU is an open-source C++ based multi-backend skeleton programming library for high-level portable programming of multicore systems with one or several GPUs. It provides automatic optimizations such as auto-tunable back-end selection and "smart containers" for run-time optimization of device memory management and data transfers to/from GPU.
Version 1.2 has now been released (May 2015).

For further information about the SkePU skeleton programming library and software download, see the SkePU web page.

New features in v1.2 (stand-alone SkePU 1.2), released 13/05/2015:

  • Streaming support for CUDA GPU execution of most skeletons,
  • MultiVector container for passing an arbitrary number of operands to MapArray,
  • new example applications (e.g. Median Filtering),
  • and a number of fixes e.g. in memory management.

There is also a minor update of the SkePU-StarPU integration branch (for the latest stable version 1.1.4 of StarPU with CUDA5.0).