Junior or senior computer scientists in static analysis

by Ferrara Pietro, May 10, 2017

We are looking for several junior and senior researchers in static analysis to join our team at Julia in Verona (Italy)! Two positions need to be filled soon, while a third position will start in fall. More details at https://juliasoft.com/careers or contact me at pietro.ferrara@juliasoft.com

About us

Julia srl is an innovative IT company specialized in software verification. We help our clients to avoid economic and brand damage removing security vulnerabilities in their software, and to obtain cost savings making their SDLC more efficient.

Our flagship product is the Julia analyzer, a completely automatic and highly precise tool for the static and semantic analysis of Java, Android and .NET, able to identify a wide range of bugs, errors, inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities.

Our internal R&D team and a solid scientific base differentiates us from competitors and guarantees the quality and precision of our tools and services. Born as a University of Verona spin-off company in 2010, since June 2015 Julia is part of Corvallis Group, one of the top Italian IT service companies. 

We are looking for junior or senior computer scientists in the area of static analysis. They will be part of our lab and contribute to the development of Julia's front-ends and back-end.


In particular, we are looking for


  • 2 postdocs in collaboration with the universities of Venice and Verona, to be covered immediately
  • Junior and senior computer scientist positions to be covered by the end of summer. The junior scientist might start next year an industrial PhD course in collaboration between Julia and the university of Venice

Key responsibilities 

  • define, formalize and implement static analyses of different security and reliability properties
  • develop the analyzer front-ends, plugins and integrations with development tools
  • present the technical aspects of Julia products to customers, and perform proof-of-concept activities
  • write technical documentation about the analyses and the use of the analyzer
  • write scientific papers at top-tier conferences in the field of static analysis, programming languages, and software engineering
  • write proposals for regional, national, and European research calls

 Basic qualifications

 Junior computer scientist

  • MSc in computer science
  • excellent software development skills
  • knowledge of basic concepts in the area of software engineering, object-oriented programming languages, and static and dynamic analysis

 Senior computer scientist

  • PhD in computer science in the area of formal methods (preferably static analysis)
  • scientific publications in the area of static analysis, programming languages, and/or software engineering
  • excellent software development skills
  • excellent oral and written English communication skills

 Preferred qualifications

  • for the senior position, experience with the implementation of static analyzers and with the application of static analysis to industrial software
  • in-depth knowledge of object-oriented programming languages (Java and C# in particular)
  • knowledge of Android
  • experience in various aspects of cybersecurity
  • excellent presentation skills

How to apply

Please send to pietro.ferrara@juliasoft.com :

  • your CV
  • recommendation letters: one for junior positions, two for senior positions
  • master thesis for junior positions, one scientific publication and the PhD thesis for senior positions