PhD and Postdoc positions in Software Technology at Lund University

by Christoph Reichenbach, Sept. 13, 2017

5-year PhD (20% teaching) and 2-year Postdoc positions (fully funded) are available at Lund University, with a focus on Software Technology (specifically refactoring, DSLs, and performance analysis).

  We are offering one 2-year Postdoc position and two 5-year PhD
positions to qualified applicants with background and interest in software technology or related areas.  The positions are at Lund University's Department of Computer Science, with funding provided by the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Programme (WASP).  Our focus is on the following areas:

  • Automatic code cleanup / refactoring
  • Domain-specific languages for software performance analysis
  • 'Smart' module systems utilising program and performance analysis

For details, formal prerequisites, contact information, and links to the application system, please refer to the official job postings:

The application deadline is on 20 October 2017.