Should we continue with EAPLS?

by Mark van den Brand, Nov. 14, 2017

Call for new board members and a poll on the appreciation for EAPLS.


We as a board want to get insight in the appreciation for EAPLS, so please visit the following poll:

Call for board members

Are you the right person to represent the European academic community in Programming Languages and Systems, and help steer it into new directions? Then here is your chance: become board member of the EAPLS for the next three years.

As board member, you will have some financial backing to develop new plans and initiatives,  and you will be able to reach and enthuse the entire EAPLS membership.

Detailed information on EAPLS and its board can be found at

EAPLS plays an important role for the research community on programming languages and systems.

In the middle of January 2018, elections for new EAPLS Board members will be organized.

If you are interested in being a candidate for the election of the EAPLS Board, please let us know this

*** BEFORE Wednesday November 29, 2017 ***

by sending to me ([email protected]):

  • Your name and affiliation

  • Your e-mail address

  • URL of your home page

  • A brief statement expressing what you think is important for EAPLS and what you want to achieve by joining the EAPLS Board.

All this information will be included in the voting form.

Experienced Post Doc's with interests in (research) management are also explicitly invited to make themselves available as candidates for the EAPLS Board.