[email protected] 2018 - CALL FOR PARTICIPATION (Early Registration due 6th June 2018)

by Ezio Ezio Bartocci, June 2, 2018

We invite you to participate in RV4CPS 2018, the International Workshop on on Runtime
Verification for Rigorous Systems Engineering, colocated with FLoC 2018, on
13 July 2018 in Oxford, UK.


Registration is open and can be done via the FLoC 2018 website (http://www.floc2018.org)

Early registration deadline: June 6, 2018


The RV4RISEworkshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in 
the problems of detecting, testing, measuring and extracting qualitative and quantitative 
properties from software, hardware and cyber-physical systems. 


Ezio Bartocci (TU Wien, Austria) 
Dejan Nickovic (AIT, Austria)    


- Quantitative Regular Expression for Arrhythmia Detection
  Houssam Abbas, University of Pennsylvania, USA

- Signal classification using temporal logic
  Calin Belta, Boston University, USA

- Systematic analysis and improvement of Convolutional Neural Networks
  Tommaso Dreossi, University of California, Berkeley, USA

- First order temporal properties of continuous signals
  Thomas Ferrère, Institute of Science and Technology (IST), Austria

- Hardware-based runtime verification with Tessla
  Martin Leucker, Universität zu Lübeck, Germany

- Formalizing Requirements for Cyber-Physical Systems: Real-World Experiences and Challenges
  Jim Kapinski, Toyota Research Institute of North America, Toyota, USA

- Real-time Stream Processing with RTLola
  Hazem Torfah, Saarland University, Germany