Post-doc and PhD openings in Program Analysis and Repair

by Andrzej Wasowski, Sept. 8, 2018

The IT University of Copenhagen invites candidates for PhD and
Post-doc positions fully funded by the Danish Independent Research
Council in the INSIGHT project – “Program Repair with Static

Automatic bug finding is rapidly becoming a core technology in
industrial software development. Large companies and key software
projects use static code scanners to identify specific problems,
colloquially known as bugs. Yet, finding bugs is not the same as
fixing them. Bug reports are hard to read, and they often point to a
problem manifestation, not to the underlying cause. Fixing requires
substantial effort, as bugs are often fixed not in the same program
location, where they are detected. As a consequence, programmers often
ignore the alarms raised by code scanners. Thus, it is important to
make bug reports easily digestible: ideally with a proposal how to fix
the defect.

The research activities will focus on designing, evaluating, and
trying in the field, a program repair tool for resource manipulation
bugs in The Linux Kernel code (as an extension of the EBA tool). At
the same time you will work on semantic foundations of program repair.

The project involves collaboration with Linux Foundation, Red Hat, and
the research group of Prof. Le Goues at CMU.

The positions are fully funded. The budget includes full-time
researcher salary, health insurance, paid vacation, pension, a budget
for taking courses, attending conferences, and project-related travel.
When hired you will join the Software Quality Research (SQUARE) Group
at the IT University, part of our lively and dynamic Computer Science
Department (ca. 70 researchers). The position is based in Copenhagen,
one of the most attractive European cities to live in.

Detailed requirements and application procedure:

Phd, deadline 23 Sep, 23:59 CET

Post-doc, deadline 1 Oct, 23:59 CET

Contact: prof. Andrzej Wasowski, [email protected]

Getting in contact for guidance in preparation of the application is
well appreciated.