SFM 2014 in Bertinoro -- call for proposals

by Marco Bernardo, June 26, 2013

SFM 2014

14th International School on Formal Methods for
the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems


SFM is a series of schools on formal methods that started in 2001 and is held at the University Residential Center of Bertinoro (Italy), where an experienced staff takes care of the organization of the event.

The school takes place in mid June and every year it is devoted to a specific theme within the area of formal methods in computer science.

All the relevant aspects of the theme are covered by ten monographic courses taught by prominent international experts. The teaching material is collected in a tutorial book published by Springer in the LNCS series.

Links to the previous editions of SFM:

  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm13ds/      (LNCS 7938)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm12mde/     (LNCS 7320)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm11connect/ (LNCS 6659)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm10qapl/    (LNCS 6154)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm09ws/      (LNCS 5569)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm08bio/     (LNCS 5016)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm07pe/      (LNCS 4486)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm06hv/      (LNCS 3965)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm05moby/    (LNCS 3465)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm04rt/      (LNCS 3185)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm03sa/      (LNCS 2804)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm02mc/      (model checking book)
  http://www.sti.uniurb.it/events/sfm01pa/      (process algebra handbook)

Reserchers interested in organizing SFM-14 are invited to submit a proposal to Marco Bernardo by August 31, 2013.

The proposal should indicate the theme of the school, its relevance to SFM, and a provisional list of speakers/lectures.

For more information, please contact Marco Bernardo.

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