CFWT: Call for Workshop/Tutorial Proposals for HiPEAC 2014 - Reminder

by Eduard Mehofer, June 26, 2013

Call for Workshop/Tutorial Proposals in conjunction with the 9th HiPEAC Conference in Vienna, Austria, January 20-22, 2014.

Call for Workshop/Tutorial Proposals

The success of the workshops and tutorials of the previous years’ HiPEAC Conferences
in Paris and Berlin with more than 20 and 35 events, respectively, encouraged the
HiPEAC 2014 organizers to try following this success story again. Hence, in conjunction
with the 9th HiPEAC Conference in Vienna, Austria (see,
January 20-22, 2014), we will organize parallel workshops and tutorials.
Proposals for workshops and tutorials covering at least one of the following topics are welcome:

* High performance computer architecture
  (processor architecture, multi-/many-core system design, reconfigurable architectures)
* Software development for high performance parallel systems
  (development patterns/automatic techniques for parallel and reconfigurable architectures)
* Tools for compilation, evaluation, and optimization of high performance parallel systems
  (compiler support, tracing, and debugging for parallel and reconfigurable architectures)
* Embedded (parallel) computer architectures
  (embedded homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore architectures, embedded reconfigurable
  architectures, embedded real-time systems, mixed criticality system support)
* Software support for embedded architectures
  (Tracing and real-time analysis of embedded applications, runtime software)
* Crazy architectural ideas
  (any idea to solve computational problems away from the conventional concepts)

We also appreciate industrial and EC project based workshops that fit into one of the mentioned focuses.

A workshop proposal should contain the following items:
* Title of the workshop (including abbreviation)
* Organizers and their affiliations
* Main topics
* Preliminary deadlines
* Expected duration and format of the workshop (half or full day, keynote, talks, panel)
* Expected number of talks and attendance and, if the workshop took place before, location and time
* Please indicate if you plan to publish an open CFP or if you plan to have invited talks only.

For a tutorial proposal please include the following information:
* Title of the tutorial
* Organizers and presenters with affiliations and a short biography
* Abstract of the tutorial and a list of the covered topics
* Some related bibliography
* Expected duration and format (half or full day, talk with demo or talk only)
* Expected attendance and, if the tutorial was held before, location and time

If the proposed event is sponsored by a third party (e.g. industry), please indicate that in the proposal.

Please submit a one page PDF with your proposal by email to the workshop and tutorial chair
Sascha Uhrig ([email protected]) not later than June 30, 2013.