International Summer School on Software Security and Protection

by Bjorn De Sutter, March 9, 2011

Organized from 4-8 July 2011 at Ghent University for students, researchers and practitioners.

From 4-8 July 2011 the Computer Systems Lab of Ghent University (Belgium) hosts and organizes the second International Summer School on Information Security and Protection, with a focus on Software Security and Protection.

The program consists of the following courses:

- Christian Collberg Intellectual property protection of software
- Jack Davidson Software security via lightweight process virtualization
- Roberto Giacobazzi Theory and practice of code attack: Semantics, analysis and code transformation
- Yuan Xiang Gu Software security patterns, direct attack analysis and protection techniques
- Bjorn De Sutter Software Protection Techniques against Hardware-Based Attacks on Software

Visit the ISSISP 2011 website for more information.

prof. Bjorn De Sutter