SAS 2018 - Call for Participation

by Caterina Urban, June 18, 2018

The 25th Static Analysis Symposium, SAS 2018, will be held in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Registration is now open. Please visit:


                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                               SAS 2018

                    25th Static Analysis Symposium

      Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, August 29th-August 31st, 2018




Static Analysis is widely recognized as a fundamental tool for program verification, bug detection, compiler optimization, program understanding, and software maintenance. The series of Static Analysis Symposia has served as the primary venue for the presentation of theoretical, practical, and application advances in the area. The 25th Static Analysis Symposium, SAS 2018, will be held in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. 


Registration is now open. Please visit:


A limited number of students grants will be available. The grant will cover the cost for lodging during the conference and a contribution to travel expenses. For further information, please send an informal email to the PC Chair via [email protected]


- Aws Albarghouthi (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

  Program Fairness through the Lens of Formal Methods

- Zak Kincaid (Princeton University, USA)

  Non-linear Invariant Generation via Recurrence Analysis

- Ruzica Piskac (Yale University, USA)

  Firewall Repair and Verification of Configuration Files

- Sharon Shoham (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

  Verification of Distributed Systems Using First-Order Logic


- Roberto Bagnara (University of Parma/BUGSENG, Italy)

  MISRA C and its Role in the Development of Safety- and Security-Critical Embedded Software

- Ken McMillan (Microsoft Research, USA), Oded Padon (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

  Ivy: Safety Verification by Interactive Generalization

- Peter O'Hearn (University College London/Facebook, UK)

  Experiences developing and deploying a concurrency analysis at Facebook


The list of accepted papers is available at:


- 9th Workshop on Static Analysis and Systems Biology (SASB 2018)

  Chairs: Tatjana Petrov (University of Konstanz, Germany) and Ankit Gupta (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

- 9th Workshop on Tools for Automatic Program Analysis (TAPAS 2018)

  Chair: Fausto Spoto (University of Verona/Julia Srl, Italy)

Hope to see you in Freiburg!

Andreas Podelski, Program Chair

Caterina Urban, Publicity Chair