Call for PostDoc and Ph.D. in Reversible Debugging

by Ivan Lanese, Dec. 17, 2018

PhD position and a 1-year post-doctoral position (possibly extended to a second year) on the French ANR project DCore. Both positions concern theoretical and practical aspects of reversible debugging for concurrent systems based on the actor model.

Post-doc position at University of Bologna, Italy
PhD position shared between University of Bologna, Italy and INRIA Grenoble, France

Salary according to French standards

The French ANR project DCore is seeking applicants for both a PhD student position and a 1-year post-doctoral research position (possibly extended to a second year). The post-doc will be done inside the Focus team at University of Bologna, Italy (joint team with INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée). The PhD will be shared between the
Focus team at University of Bologna and the Spades team at INRIA Grenoble, France. Salary is according to French standards.

The DCore project aims at building a reversible
debugger and abstract analyser for actor programs (to be decided whether in Java using the Akka library or in Erlang).  Both PhD and post-doc position are referred to the part of reversible debugging and will include both theoretical and practical aspects.  A reversible
debugger allows one to explore a (concurrent) program execution back and forward looking for the bug. The starting point of the research effort will be the reversible debugger CauDEr for Erlang:

Ivan Lanese, Naoki Nishida, Adrián Palacios, Germán Vidal:
CauDEr: A Causal-Consistent Reversible Debugger for Erlang. FLOPS 2018: 247-263

and the theory of causal-consistent reversibility and debugging described in:

Ivan Lanese:
From Reversible Semantics to Reversible Debugging. RC 2018: 34-46

The successful applicants will be expected to contribute to this research effort, which will include both semantic foundations, programming abstractions, and practical implementations.
Requirements for Ph.D. application:
* Master Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field
* Good background on programming languages and concurrency theory

Requirements for PostDoc application:
* Ph.D. in Computer Science (completed or near completion)
* A research background on programming languages or concurrency theory.

For both the positions:

* Applications must be submitted online from:
  (the post will appear soon)
  Applications should include a curriculum, a publication record and a statement of interest. Informal enquiries can be sent via e-mail to Prof. Jean-Bernard Stefani <[email protected]> (for PhD position) and Prof. Ivan Lanese <[email protected]> (for both PhD and post-doc position)

* Deadline for applications: January 30th