School on behavioural approaches to APIs: Call for participation

by Emilio Tuosto, April 4, 2019

Summer School on

Behavioural Approaches for API-Economy with Applications

8-12 July 2019, Leicester, UK

                      Summer School on

Behavioural Approaches for API-Economy with Applications

               8-12 July 2019, Leicester, UK


- Courses + Boot Camp from Actyx, DCR Solutions, and McAfee!
- Early Registration: May 31 2019
- Registration closes: June 20 2019


A main goal of the BehAPI network is to facilitate the interactions
between academia and industry by equipping API platforms with models,
languages, and tools to support API-based software.  In this context,
the school will feature theoretical and practical sessions on the
following topics centred on the concept of behavioural APIs.

The school offers a nice mix of courses from academia and
industry. Many courses will be supported by practical hands-on
sessions with state-of-the-art tools and technology. The school will
also host a bootcamp where companies will showcase their approaches to
API development with hands-on sessions.


* Temporal Coordination of Actors: Specification, Inference and Enforcement of Mechanisms
  Gul Agha (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champain)

* Introduction to Session Types
  Ornela Dardha (U. of Glasgow)

* Choreographic Programming of Adaptive Applications
  Ivan Lanese (U. of Bologna)

* Foundations of runtime verification
  Karoliina Lihtinen (U. of Liverpool)

* Session Types meet Type Providers: Compile-time Generation of Protocol APIs
  Rumyana Neykova (Brunel University London)

* The impact of asynchronous communication on the theory of contracts and session types
  Gianluigi Zavattaro (U. of Bologna)


* Industry use-case: uncompromisingly available agents
  Roland Kuhn (Actyx & member of the Akka initiative)

* Business Process Regulatory Compliance
  Hugo AndrĂ©s Lopez (DCR Solutions)

* Cybersecurity for the API economy
  Leonardo Frittelli, Facundo Maldonado, Andres More, Damian Quiroga (McAfee - Cordoba, Argentina)


Early registration is 300 for student, academic and independent
participants, and 500 for industry participants. The registration fee
includes coffee breaks and lunches, but ** not ** accommodation; please
see the conference webpage for advice.

The early registration deadline is ** May 31 **. Spaces
are limited, so please register early to secure your place.