the Racket Summer School of Programming Languages

by Matthias Felleisen, April 19, 2019

announcing a summer school on building domain-specific languages and language-oriented programming in Rackey

The 2019 Racket Summer School of Programming Languages 


Due to last year's demand, this year's theme is once again 

    language-oriented programming 

The school has been expanded to two tracks: 

-- Beautiful Racket 

   a 3-day track 

   Matthew Butterick, author of the eponymous book 

-- How to Design Languages, a 5-day track 

   consisting of the following lectures: 

    -- Racket and Domain-Specific Languages     

       Matthias Felleisen, Northeastern University 

    -- Syntactic Extension in Racket 

       Jay McCarthy, Univ. Massachusetts, Lowel 

    -- Modules and Macros     

       Racket Languages From Modules 

       Matthew Flatt, University of Utah 

    -- Types and Typed DSLs in Racket 

       Jesse Tov, Northwestern University 

    -- Project Work 

       The Team 

    -- Language Gems 

       Robby Findler, Northwestern University 

    -- Research in Language-Oriented Programming 

       Matthias Felleisen 

The summer school will teach participants with lectures and hands-on

exercise how to rapidly build domain-specific languages (DSLs) and

integrate them with Racket and other DSLs.

Attendees may also wish to stay for the immediately following RacketCon

where speakers from industry and academia demo some of their recent innovations. 

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