AGERE 2019

by Joeri De Koster, June 3, 2019


9th International ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Programming based on Actors, Agents, and Decentralized Control

Held at SPLASH Conference
Athens, Greece - October 20-25, 2019

The AGERE! workshop focuses on programming systems, languages and applications based on actors, active/concurrent objects, agents and on high-level programming paradigms promoting a mindset of decentralized control in solving problems and developing software. The workshop is intended to cover both the theory and the practice of design and programming, bringing together researchers working on models, languages and technologies, with practitioners developing real-world systems and applications.

The goal of the workshop is to serve as a forum for collecting, discussing, and comparing related research works that typically appear in different communities in the context of (distributed) artificial intelligence, distributed computing, computer programming, programming language design and software engineering.

Thus, we invite authors to submit papers by August 2nd, using the submission system at

The complete Call for Papers can be found here:

We look forward for your submission!

Kind Regards,

Elias, Federico, Joeri, and Juliana