Celebration Day 50 Years of Computer Science Education in Germany 1969-2019

by Uwe Aßmann, June 3, 2019

5 Computer Science departments celebrate together (Darmstadt, Dresden, Karlsruhe, München, Saarbrücken).

In 1969 the first programs for Computer Science appeared in German universities. Half a century! Celebrate with us! The program of the festivities is found under https://festtage.inf.tu-dresden.de/deutschlandfesttag (please click tabs for local changes). Videos are available in Youtube channels 


https://festtage.inf.tu-dresden.de/videos (conserves, also later)

Have fun, and celebrate with us!

Regards, on behalf of the preparation teams in Darmstadt, Dresden, Karlsruhe, München, Saarbrücken

Uwe Aßmann, TU Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science