CALL for PAPERS, ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Embedded Systems (TODAES), Special Issue on Approximate Systems

by Eva Darulova, Nov. 17, 2020

We are very much interested in cross-disciplinary submissions, hence programming language approaches that facilitate approximations across the system stack are of large interest to us.


ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Embedded Systems (TODAES)

Special Issue on Approximate Systems


Resource efficiency is becoming an increasingly important challenge for many important applications that at the same time have nondeterministic specifications or are robust to noise in their execution. While trading correctness for efficiency has been part of computing since the early days, it has seen renewed interest in the past decade under the name Approximate Computing, a variety of techniques have been developed for applying and controlling approximations and the errors they introduce at different levels of the compute stack, from circuit to architectures and applications. However, most of these techniques have been applied in isolation at one level of the stack, making simplified assumptions about the other levels. This special issue on Approximate Systems will focus on concepts and methods for applying approximate computing principles end-to-end across the compute stack. We invite proposed solutions that cover cross-layer techniques, including languages that expose nondeterminism or flexibility and associated compiler techniques to translate specifications into concrete implementations; hardware architectures that exploit nondeterminism exposed at the software layer or which expose hardware correctness versus resource usage tradeoffs to the layers above; as well as new devices and circuits that exploit or expose nondeterminism and correctness versus resource usage tradeoffs to higher layers in an integrated manner. 

Submitted papers should take a broader systems perspective beyond a single isolated domain and propose cross-layer approaches for end-to-end approximate system design. Papers should address research at the intersection of traditional topics that include, but are not restricted to:

  • Programing languages, compilers and runtime systems for approximation computing 

  • Cross-layer, end-to-end error modeling, analysis and abstraction techniques

  • Approximate computer architectures, circuit and system design

  • Design automation tools for approximate system design

  • Evaluation platforms and error metrics 

  • Domain-specific end-to-end approximate system design

  • Application case studies and benchmarks with approximation tolerance


Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality original research contributions that will not require major revisions. Please identify clearly the additional material from any original conference paper in your submitted manuscript. Submissions of relevant original work not previously presented at any conference are especially welcome. Concurrent submission to any other conference or journal is a ground for rejection of a manuscript without review. All papers will be fully refereed to the usual journal standards. Submissions should be made through the ACM TODAES submission site ( and formatted according to TODAES author guidelines at:


Paper submission          18 February

Notification First Round        22 April

Submission of Revision        20 May

Final Notification        24 June

Camera-ready            15 July


Armin Alaghi (Facebook Reality Labs/University of Washington) <[email protected]>
Andreas Gerstlauer (The University of Texas at Austin) <[email protected]>
Eva Darulova (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems) <[email protected]>
Phillip Stanley-Marbell (University of Cambridge) <[email protected]>