Post-Doctoral Position on Software Security at Uppsala University

by Bengt Jonsson, March 29, 2021

Deadline for application is April 15, 2021, through the University's web interface at

The research them is detecting, removing, and preventing security vulnerabilities in software. Relevant techniques include program analysis, verification, symbolic execution, protocol testing, fuzzing, taint analysis, and model learning. Goals include to significantly extend the power and scalability of such techniques to make them applicable to real-world code bases, for instance the widely-used IoT OS Contiki.

A Post-Doctoral position requires a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent, typically obtained not more than three years ago. A successful candidate should have a strong research experience in some of the fields: program analysis, compiler techniques, model checking, formal verification, testing, security, software engineering, and similar, as well as be proficient in building software systems and tools. The applicant must have good skills in spoken and written English. A Post-Doctoral position  is time-limited for a maximum of two years, and may include some teaching (up to 20%).

The position is funded by the grant aSSIsT: Secure Software for the Internet of Things (, supported by SSF (the Foundation for Strategic Research), which brings together several groups at Uppsala University (Bengt Jonsson, Parosh Abdulla, Mohammed Faouzi Atig, Philipp Ruemmer, Kostis Sagonas, Wang Yi) that are world-renowned in the fields of automated verification, programming language implementation, and testing. The work is performed in collaboration with partners at RISE SICS (Luca Mottola, Shahid Raza, Thiemo Voigt) including developers of the ConTiki OS, and the SICS Security lab.

Applications should include a description of research interests and past experience, including a motivation for applying for this position, a CV, copies of exams, degrees and grades, a copy of Ph.D. thesis (or a draft thereof), relevant publications, and other relevant documents.  Include at least two letter(s) of recommendation and/or contact information to reference persons, as well as earliest feasible starting date of employment.
Deadline for application is April 15, 2021, through the University's web interface at 
Contact: Bengt Jonsson ([email protected]) or Kostis Sagonas ([email protected]),