MSCA-PF hosting proposal @ Inria Lille

by Simon Bliudze, March 13, 2022

We are proposing to host an MSCA-PF post-doctoral project to work on new protocols for distributed implementations of multi-party coordination frameworks.

At the Spirals team of Inria Lille, we are offering the following topic to host an MSCA-PF post-doctoral project:

The description is copied below for the sake of completeness.

A potential candidate will have to submit their own proposal for the MSCA-PF programme but Inria will provide active support. Selected candidates will have access to privileged grant writing training sessions and one-to-one proposal review sessions in the last phase with our experienced European Officers.

Do not hesitate to forward this information. In particular, if you are aware of a potential candidate, do put us in touch!

Best regards,

Simon Bliudze
[email protected]

Proposed research direction: Coordination frameworks, such as BIP and JavaBIP, implement the coordination semantics using centralised engines orchestrating the execution of system components—a significant bottleneck for large systems. Previous attempts at the distributed implementation of BIP systems only partially address this problem. Most importantly, they disregard the inherent structure of BIP connectors considering only sets of flat interactions, defined by a list of components that must all participate in the synchronisation. Eliminating structure from BIP connectors may lead to exponential explosion of the number of such flat interactions. New protocols are needed that would take into account the connector structure, if necessary, relaxing the atomicity of interactions. Beyond BIP, the results could be applied to choreography composition.