PhD position at Chalmers on the Verification of Blockchain Applications

by Wolfgang Ahrendt, June 21, 2022

PhD position at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, to work on the verification of smart contracts, i.e., blockchain applications.

The research to be performed in this PhD position is part of a project on 'Smart Contract Verification'. Smart contracts are computer programs running on the blockchain, intended to digitally facilitate the performance of a (financial) contract between all parties which choose to engage with it. The purpose of this project is to provide methods for specifying smart contracts, and on that basis verify, with high automation and with mathematical certainty, whether a given implementation of a smart contract meets this intention. The research is performed in a group which has a strong international reputation in formal software verification. Concretely, the work will build on the 'KeY' approach to software verification, and target the most popular smart contract platform, Ethereum. More information is available here.