[ICTAC 2023] Call for Participation

by Violet Ka I Pun, Oct. 20, 2023

ICTAC 2023 - Call for Participation
20th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing
04-08 December 2023, Lima - Peru (on-site event)

News: Registration is now open for ICTAC 2023!
Early registration deadline: 31st of October.


  The ICTAC conference series aims at bringing together researchers
  and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to present
  research and exchange ideas and experiences within theoretical aspects
  of computing through methods and tools for system development.
  ICTAC also aims to promote research cooperation between developing
  and industrial countries.

   Registration details: https://ictac2023.compsust.utec.edu.pe/registration/
   ICTAC 2023 will offer reduced fees for students.




   Location: University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) - Lima, Peru
   Further details:


   - Marijn J.H. Heule (Carnegie Mellon University):
     Without Loss of Satisfaction.
   - Pedro R. D'Argenio (National University of Córdoba):
     Optimal Route Synthesis in Space DTN using Markov Decision Processes.
   - Ana Cavalcanti (University of York):
     Learning in RoboStar.


   - Shaukat Ali, Mahsa Varshosaz:
     Testing Cyber-Physical Systems: Synergizing Model and AI-based Approaches.
   - Ina Schaefer, Maximilian Kodetzki:
     The Correctness-by-Construction Approach to Programming Using CorC.
   - Einar Broch Johnsen:
     The Semantically Lifted Digital Twin.
   - Maurice H. ter Beek:
     Formal Methods and Tools for Software Product Lines.
   - Martin Leucker:
     Automata Learning with an Application to Learn and Verify
     Recurrent Neural Networks.


   - Rindo Nakanishi, Yoshiaki Takata and Hiroyuki Seki:
     A game-theoretic approach to indistinguishability of winning objectives
     as user privacy
   - Florian Dorfhuber, Julia Eisentraut and Jan Kretinsky:
     Learning Attack Trees by Genetic Algorithms     
   - Suthee Ruangwises:
     The Landscape of Computing Symmetric $n$-Variable Functions with $2n$ Cards
   - Stepan Kuznetsov:
     On the complexity of reasoning in Kleene algebras with commutativity
   - Matteo Cimini:
     Towards the Complexity Analysis of Programming Language Proof Methods
   - Carlos G. Lopez Pombo, Agustín E. Martínez Suñé and Emilio Tuosto:
     A Dynamic Temporal Logic for Quality of Service in Choreographic Models
   - Jan Tušil, Péter Bereczky and Dániel Horpácsi:
     Interactive Matching Logic Proofs in Coq
   - Tom T.P. Franken, Thomas Neele and Jan Friso Groote:
     An Autonomous Data Language
   - Karla Morris, Thai Son Hoang, Colin Snook and Michael Butler:
     Formal Language Semantics for Triggered Enable Statecharts with a
     Run-to-Completion Scheduling    
   - Beniamino Accattoli, Giulio Guerrieri and Maico Leberle:
     Strong Call-by-Value and Multi Types
   - Weihao Su, Rongchen Li, Chengyao Peng and Haiming Chen:
     Algorithms for Checking Intersection Non-emptiness of Regular Expressions
   - Maurice ter Beek, Rolf Hennicker and José Proença:
     Realisability of Global Models of Interaction
   - Matías Brizzio and César Sánchez:
     Efficient Reactive Synthesis Using Mode Decomposition
   - Leo Lobski, Fabio Zanasi and Ella Gale:
     A Categorical Approach to Synthetic Chemistry
   - Amazigh Amrane, Hugo Bazille, Uli Fahrenberg and Krzysztof Ziemianski:
     Closure and Decision Properties for Higher-Dimensional Automata     
   - Francesco Dagnino, Amin Farjudian and Eugenio Moggi:
     Robustness in Metric Spaces over Continuous Quantales and the
     Hausdorff-Smyth Monad
   - Karam Kharraz, Martin Leucker, Shaun Azzopardi and Gerardo Schneider.
     Synchronous Agents, Verification, and Blame — A Deontic View
   - Uwe Nestmann and Nadine Karsten:
     Store Locally, Prove Globally
   - Erik Voogd, Åsmund Aqissiaq Arild Kløvstad and Einar Broch Johnsen:
     Denotational Semantics for Symbolic Execution
   - Marian Johannes Begemann, Hannes Kallwies, Martin Leucker
     and Malte Schmitz:
     TOOL PAPER: Tessla-ROS-Bridge - Runtime Verification of Robotic Systems
   - Anna Stramaglia, Jeroen J.A. Keiren and Thomas Neele:
     Simplifying process parameters by unfolding algebraic data types.    
   - Ida Sandberg Motzfeldt, Ingrid Chieh Yu, Crystal Chang Din,
     Violet Ka I Pun and Volker Stolz:
     Modular Soundness Checking of Feature Model Evolution Plans


   - Pedro R. D'Argenio (National University of Córdoba):
     Probabilistic Model Checking.
   - Christian Colombo (University of Malta):
     The Theory and Practice of Runtime Verification:
     A Hand-On Introduction to the Formal Methods Technique with Applications
     in Cyber Security Monitoring.
   - Marijn J.H. Heule (Carnegie Mellon University):
     Satisfiability Solving.
   - Ana Cavalcanti, Ziggy Attala, Jim Woodcock (University of York):
     Software Engineering for Robotics: RoboStar technology.