QUAMES 2024: Call for Workshop Papers

by Clara Ayora, July 9, 2024

QUAMES aims to attract research on methods, procedures, techniques, and tools for measuring and evaluating the quality of conceptual models that can be used in any phase of the software development
cycle. Its primary goal is to enable the development of high-quality software systems by promoting quality assurance from a modeling-based perspective. Furthermore, considering the growing use of AI to streamline software development or as an essential element within software products, we advocate that it is important to conceptualize the models used for the training and operation of these systems and evaluate their quality. Thus, this year QUAMES is also aimed to discuss about the challenges, benefits, and lessons of using conceptual modeling and AI approaches looking for how their synergy can impact the quality of the systems.

****** Important Dates ******
Abstract Submission (Optional) July 5th, 2024
Paper Submission deadline July 27th, 2024
Paper Notification August 11th, 2024
Camera-Ready Version September 9th, 2024
QUAMES take place on October 28th-31st, 2024