Positions at ETH Zurich in concurrency & verification (ERC Advanced Investigator Grant)

by Bertrand Meyer Bertrand Meyer, July 9, 2012

We have postdoc and PhD positions at the Chair of Software Engineering in connection with a recent Advanced Investigator Grant to Bertrand Meyer from the ERC. We are building advanced practical solutions for "Concurrency Made Easy" and a verification-aware IDE.

We have positions open at both the PhD and Postdoc levels in my group at ETH Zurich, the Chair of Software Engineering. We recently received an Advanced Investigator Grant from the European Research Council (5 years, 2.5 million euros); the project description is at http://se.inf.ethz.ch/research/scoop/CME.pdf. In addition to this project (Concurrency Made Easy) we are recruiting for our effort of building an advanced verification environment around Eiffel, “Verification As a Matter of Course” (see e.g. the slides at http://se.ethz.ch/~meyer/publications/methodology/programming-10years-sierre.pdf, although the details are no longer up to date).


·         +   Excellent background in verification

·         +   For the concurrency project, excellent background in concurrency

·         +   Good publications on relevant topics (particularly for the postdoc positions)

·         +   Excellent mastery of object-oriented programming, including Eiffel concepts & Design by Contract

·         +   Mix of theoretical and practical (software development) talents

·         +   Passion for research and determination to advance the state of software engineering.

The positions are available immediately.

Please send a CV to [email protected]; also include a position statement describing (briefly, half a page to two pages) on what topics you would like to work and what you think you can contribute. Obviously you should take some time to become familiar with our work at http://se.ethz.ch, especially the Research pages.

-- Bertrand Meyer