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Formal Methods for ML-enabled Autonomous Systems, CfP FoMLAS workshop @ ETAPS 2018
by Chih-Hong Cheng, Dec. 4, 2017

This goal of FoMLAS workshop is to facilitate discussion regarding how formal methods can be used to increase predictability, explainability, and accountability of machine learning (ML) enabled autonomous systems.

Rigorous System Design, CfP MeTRiD workshop @ ETAPS 2018
by Simon Bliudze, Dec. 3, 2017

MeTRiD 2018 is a new international workshop focusing on the theoretical foundations, tools and applications of the Rigorous System Design approach. The term "Rigorous System Design" denotes the design approach that is based on a formal, accountable and iterative process for deriving trustworthy and optimised implementations from models of application software, its execution platform and its external environment. In particular, a system implementation is derived from a set of appropriate high-level models by applying a sequence of semantics-preserving transformations, thereby as much as possible striving for achieving correctness by construction.

1st Workshop on Life with Wearables in Smart Rooms (LIFEWEAR2018)
by KarstenWendt, Nov. 28, 2017

The LIFEWEAR workshop aims to bring together researchers and practioneers from the communities interested in wearables, to present current approaches w.r.t. software engineering of wearable devices, gather requirements for future wearable systems and develop a roadmap for software enginnering for wearables.

PEPM 2018 Call for Poster/Demo Abstracts and Participation
by Hsiang-Shang Ko, Nov. 23, 2017

PEPM 2018 is accepting proposals for poster/demo presentations on a rolling basis, until 8th December (AoE).

3rd International Workshop on Real World Domain Specific Languages (RWDSL'18)
by Greg Michaelson, Sept. 20, 2017

There is an enormous variety of DSLs for a very wide range of domains. Most DSLs are highly idiosyncratic, reflecting both the specific natures of their application domains and their designers’ own preferences. This workshop will bring together constructors of DSLs for “real world” domains; that is, DSLs intended primarily to aid in building software to solve real world problems rather than to explore the more theoretical aspects of language design and implementation. We are looking for submissions that present the motivation, design, implementation, use and evaluation of such DSLs.

Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy (TPDP) - Deadline Extension: August 11 2017
by Justin Hsu, Aug. 5, 2017

CALL FOR PAPERS (Extended Deadline)
TPDP 2017
Third Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy
October 30th 2017, Dallas, TX, USA
Affiliated with CCS 2017

CFP: REBLS 2017 - 4th International Workshop on Reactive and Event-Based Languages & Systems
by guidosalva, June 12, 2017

CFP: REBLS 2017 - 4th International Workshop on Reactive and Event-Based Languages &

4rd International Workshop on Reactive and Event-Based Languages &

Held at SPLASH Conference
Vancouver, Canada - October 23rd, 2017

FM 2018: call for workshop proposals
by Maurice ter Beek, May 2, 2017

---------------------: CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS :---------------------

FM 2018: 23rd International Symposium on Formal Methods
Oxford, 14-16 July, 2018

Deadline for workshop proposals: June 19, 2017
Notification of decision on workshops: July 31, 2017

The 23rd International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM 2018) will take
place at the University of Oxford, 14-16 July 2018, as part of the Federated
Logic Conference (FLoC). For this major event, we are seeking proposals
for workshops that will complement the main FM Symposium. Being part
of FLoC moreover provides an opportunity to link more widely with other
conferences, such as LICS and CAV (see:

Researchers and practitioners wishing to organise an FM workshop are
invited to submit proposals for FM workshops, as outlined on the general
FLoC call for workshops webpage: