EAPLS Best PhD Dissertation Awards

The European Association for Programming Languages and Systems has established a Best Dissertation Award in the international research area of programming languages and systems. The award will go to the PhD student who in the previous period has made the most original and influential contribution to the area. The purpose of the award is to draw attention to excellent work, to help the career of the student in question, and to promote the research field as a whole.

Past Best Dissertation Awards


The award procedure is organised as follows:
  • Every call for nominations includes a period in which the PhD defense and examination should have taken place. Nominations that fall outside this period will not be taken into consideration.
  • Candidates are nominated by their supervisors. A nomination should consist of an electronic version of the thesis itself, accompanied by a letter from the supervisor describing why the thesis should be considered for the award, as well as a report from an independent researcher who has acted as examiner of the thesis at its defense.
  • Nominations are judged by an international committee of experts. The process is similar to that of a programme committee for a scientific conference: each candidate is ranked by several of the experts, after which the rankings are compared and discussed and a winner is selected by consensus. To avoid conflicts of interest, members of the expert team may not be supervisors or examiners of nominated candidates.
  • The committee may decide to award several dissertations or none. The nominations, rankings and discussions will be kept confidential within the expert committee. Decisions of the committee are final and not subject to further discussion.
  • The award itself consists of a document proclaiming the recepient to have won the EAPLS Best PhD Dissertation Award. If possible, the document will be handed over ceremonially at a suitable occasion. No monetary award is involved.

Expert Committee

The decision on the award is taken by an Expert Committee, consisting of leading researchers in Programming Languages and Systems all over Europe. The committee currently consists of: