PhD and postdoc positions at Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

by Bertrand Meyer, Sept. 2, 2019

Positions in software verification

The Chair of Software and Security (Prof. Bertrand Meyer) at the newly created Schaffhausen Institute of Technology ( has open positions for both PhD students and postdocs. We are looking for candidates with a passion for reliable software and a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in software engineering. Candidates should have degrees in computer science or related fields: a doctorate for postdoc positions, a master’s degree for PhD positions. Postdoc candidates should have a substantial publication record. Experience in one or more of the following fields is a plus:

  • Software verification (axiomatic, model-checking, abstract interpretation etc.).
  • Advanced techniques of software testing.
  • Formal methods, semantics of programming languages, type theory.
  • Design by Contract, Eiffel, techniques of correctness-by-construction.
  • Cybersecurity.


Compensation at both levels is attractive. Note that the PhD program is conducted in cooperation with partner universities. 


Interested candidates should send a CV and relevant documents or links to [email protected]. They are also welcome to contact Prof. Bertrand Meyer for details.