Best Paper Awards Guidelines

The goal of the best paper awards is to point out excellent research performed by researchers in the field of programming languages and systems. The EAPLS best paper award is available for conferences in the field of programming languages and systems. It is not restricted to European conferences only but the particular conference edition must be hold in an European country. The award consists of a diploma and will be handed over to the winner by one of the EAPLS board members (if possible) at, for instance, the conference dinner.

The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
  • The proceedings should be published with LNCS, ACM or IEEE.
  • The number of participants should be at least 50.
  • The conference should have a clear link with programming languages and systems.
  • There should be a proper reviewing of the papers, at least 3 reviews per paper.
  • The acceptance rate should be below 35%.
  • The conference mentions EAPLS explicitly as sponsor on the web page.
  •  The conference venue should be in Europe.
  • The organising committee should contact the secretary and president at least six months before the actual conference date.
  • The criteria for selecting the best paper are:
    1. if it is a standalone conference, the PC chairs should nominate 3 best papers accompanied with the referee reports and a motivating letter.
    2.  if it is an umbrella conference, the PC chairs of the individual conferences nominate 1 best paper again accompanied with the referee reports and a motivating letter.
    3. both the secretary and president of EAPLS have to receive the nominated papers, reports and the motivation letter two months before the conference is held. This time is needed to review the papers and make the selection. If the conference organisation is not able to meet this schedule it makes no sense to apply for the best paper award.