EAPLS Best Paper Awards

ETAPS Best Paper Awards
Ilya Grishchenko, Matteo Maffei, and Clara Schneidewind: A Semantic Framework for the Security Analysis of Ethereum smart contracts (POST '18)
Ryan Culpepper, and Andrew Cobb: Contextual Equivalence for Probabilistic Programs with Continuous Random Variables and Scoring (ESOP '17)
Daniel Huang, and Greg Morrisett: An Application of Computable Distributions to the Semantics of Probabilistic Programming Languages (ESOP '16)
Pierre Neron, Andrew Tolmach, Eelco Visser, and Guido Wachsmuth: A Theory of Name Resolution (ESOP'15)
Justin Slepak, Olin Shivers, and Panagiotis Manolios: An array-oriented language with static rank polymorphism (ESOP'14)
Sooraj Bhat, Johannes Borgström. Andrew D. Gordon, and Claudio Russo: Deriving Probability Density Functions from Probabilistic Functional Programs (TACAS'13)
Zhenyue Long, Georgei Calin, Rupak Majumdar and Roland Meyer: Language-Theoretic Abstraction Refinement (FASE'12)
Dominik Grewe and Michael O'Boyle: A Static Task Partitioning Approach for Heterogeneous Systems Using OpenCL (CC'11)
Jyotirmoy Deshmukh, Ganesan Ramalingam, Venkatesh Prasad Ranganath and Kapil Vaswani: Logical Concurrency Control From Sequential Proofs (ESOP2010)
Ashutosh Gupta, Rupak Majumdar, Andrey Rybalchenko: From Tests to Proofs, pp 262-276 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5505 (TACAS 2009)
Junghee Lim, Thomas W. Reps: A System for Generating Static Analyzers for Machine Instructions, pp 36-52 of LNCS 4959
Daniel Grund and Sebastian Hack: A Fast Cutting-Plane Algorithm for Optimal Coalescing, CC 2007, LNCS 4420, Springer Verlag, 111-115.
B. Rudiak-Gould, A. Mycroft, S. Peyton Jones: Haskell is Not Not ML, ESOP 2006, LNCS 3924, Springer Verlag, 38-53.
J. Condit and G.C. Necula: Data Slicing: Separating the Heap into Independent Regions, CC 2005, LNCS 3443, Springer Verlag,172-187.
G. Balakrishnan, T.W. Reps:Analyzing Memory Accesses in x86 Executables, CC 2004, LNCS 2985, Springer Verlag, 5-23.
P. Laud: Handling Encryption in an Analysis for Secure Information Flow, ESOP 2003, LNCS 2618, Springer Verlag, 159-173.
M. Kandemir, I. Kolcu, I Kadayif:Influence of Loop Optimizations on Energy Consumption of Multi-Bank Memory Systems, CC 2002, LNCS 2304, Springer Verlag, 276-292.
Masahito Hasegawa, Yoshihiko Kakutani: Axioms for Recursion in Call-by-Value, FoSSaCS 2001, LNCS 2030, Springer Verlag, 246-260.
P.A. Abdulla, P. Bjesse, N. Eén: Symbolic Reachability Analysis Based on SAT-Solvers, TACAS 2000, LNCS 1785, Springer Verlag, 411-425.
1999 (2 winners)

G. Delzanno, A. Podelski: Model Checking in CLP, TACAS 1999, LNCS 1579, Springer Verlag,223-239.

M. Norrish: Deterministic Expressions in C, ESOP 1999, LNCS 1576, Springer Verlag, 147-161.

A. Aiken, M. Fähndrich, Z. Su: Detecting Races in Relay Ladder Logic Programs, TACAS 1998, LNCS 1384, Springer Verlag, 184-200.

ECMFA Best Paper Award

Lars Patzina, Sven Patzina, Thorsten Piper, and Paul Manns: Model-based Generation of Run-time Monitors for AUTOSAR (ECMFA 2012)

GPCE/SLE Best Paper Award

Ferruccio Damiani, Luca Padovani, and Ina Schäfer: A Formal Foundation for Dynamic Delta-Oriented Software Product Lines (GPCE 2012)

TOOLS Best Paper Award

Erwann Wernli, Mircea Lungu and Oscar Nierstrasz: Incremental Updates with First-class Contexts (Tools2012)
Matthias Diehn Ingesman and Erik Ernst: Lifted Java: A Minimal Calculation for translation polymorphism (Tools2011)

PLI Best Paper Awards

S.L. Peyton Jones, J.-M. Eber, J. Seward: Composing contracts: an adventure in financial engineering, functional pearl. ICFP 2000, 280-292.
S. Zdancewic, D. Grossman, J.G. Morrisett: Principals in Programming Languages: A Syntactic Proof Technique, ICFP 1999, 197-207.

ALP/PLILP/SAS Best Paper Award

P.-E. Moreau, H. Kirchner:A Compiler for Rewrite Programs in Associative-Commutative Theories, ALP 1998, LNCS 1490, Springer Verlag, 230-249.