Call for SL-COMP 2022

by Quang Loc Le, April 21, 2022

SL-COMP 2022 ( is the 4th Separation Logic Competition.
It is part of the
FLoC 2022 Olympic Games
ASL 22 Workshop at IJCAR
31 July 2022

The fourth edition of the Separation Logic Competition (SL-COMP) 

is directed at solvers for fragments of Separation Logics. 

The competition started at FLoC 2014 and continued to attract

new solvers and to improve its benchmarks during the following

editions at FLoC 2018 and TOOLympics 2019.

SL-COMP compares the performances of sound, fully automatic solvers 

for Separation Logics in terms of:

  + fragments dealt, 

  + number of problems solved for each fragment, and

  + average runtime for problems solved.

The benchmark foreseen for this edition includes various extensions 

of the symbolic heap fragment (quantified or quantifier-free formulas,

various classes of inductively defined predicates, arithmetic constraints)

and the general boolean combination of SL atoms.

New problems may be proposed for the existing divisions or 

for new divisions. The proposals should be sent by email to 

the competition's organisers.

The participants can register their solver by sending to

organisers a short description, a web page, and a corresponding person.

The corresponding person will be in charge of providing a

version of the tool compatible with the StarExec platform and

of training the solver on the final benchmark of the competition.

The participating solvers will be invited to present online)

their tool at a session dedicated to SL-COMP 

during the Advancing Separation Logic (ASL 2022) workshop:

Further details are available at:

Important dates:


- Problems proposals:      May  31, 2022

- Solver registration:     June 15, 2022

- Training period:         June 15 - July 15, 2022

- Competition rounds:      July 15 - July 30, 2022

- Presentation of results: July 31, 2022

Organisers of SL-COMP 2022


Quang Loc Le <[email protected]>

Mihaela Sighireanu <[email protected]>