chair of cybersecurity at the hardware/software interface

by David Monniaux, Nov. 22, 2023

A tenure-track “CPJ” position, leading to permanent appointment as directeur de recherche (senior researcher) at CNRS, is to open in 2024 on the topic of cybersecurity at the hardware/software interface.

directeur de recherche position is equivalent to a full professorship, except that there is no obligation to teach. (The tenure-track process however includes a limited teaching appointment.) Knowledge of French is not mandatory, though some knowledge may help in daily life.

The official announcement for the position is to be published in Spring 2024 shortly before the application deadline. We however strongly encourage candidates to get in touch with the direction of the laboratories to which the CPJ could be appointed. One such laboratory is Verimag in Grenoble.

Verimag is a joint laboratory of Université Grenoble Alpes and CNRS. Research at Verimag focuses, broadly speaking, on the application of formal and semi-formal methods to safety and security issues of computerized systems. Verimag researchers have received many awards for their work, including the AM Turing Award for Joseph Sifakis (directeur de recherche emeritus).

Cybersecurity at the hardware/software interface is one of the themes of the laboratory, with topics including: - integration of security features at compile time, both purely software and with specific hardware support - programming languages ensuring security properties (e.g. memory safety) - countermeasures to hardware fault attacks - modeling of hardware fault attacks.

Contact: verimag-direction [email protected]