last CFP Bytecode 2012 (deadline: January 4, 2012)

by Marieke Huisman, Dec. 22, 2011


Bytecode 2012
Seventh Workshop on Bytecode Semantics,
Verification, Analysis and Transformation

A Satellite workshop of ETAPS 2012
Tallinn, Estonia,
31 March 2012

* Science of Computer Programming has agreed to publish a special
issue on Bytecode 2012
* Invited speakers:
- James Hunt, aicas, Germany (see, on real-time Java
- Diego Garbervetsky, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (see, on quantitative analysis of
- Jeff Foster, University of Maryland, USA (see, on bytecode transformation for
improved security on Android

Description of the workshop
Bytecode, such as produced by e.g., Java and .NET compilers, has
become an important topic of interest, both for industry and
academia. The industrial interest stems from the fact that bytecode is
typically used for Internet and mobile device applications (smart
cards, phones, etc.), where security is a major issue. Moreover,
bytecode is device independent and allows dynamic loading of classes,
which provides an extra challenge for the application of formal
methods. Also the unstructuredness of the code and the pervasive
presence of the operand stack provide further challenges for the
analysis of bytecode. This workshop will focus on theoretical and
practical aspects of semantics, verification, analysis, certification
and transformation of bytecode.

Research on bytecode is an ideal test bench for the application of
formal methods to real languages. There is a major pressure in this
sense, because security is a hot topic for bytecode applications in
embedded devices. However, the scientific community on bytecode
semantics, verification, analysis, and transformation is currently
fragmented, and researchers often come from the two distinct worlds
of industry and academia. Therefore, the aim of our workshop is to let
researchers and practitioners from both the industrial and the
academic world present new or preliminary results and demonstrate new
software tools that are of interest for the community as a whole.

The workshop will be a mixture of extended abstracts, position papers,
and invited presentations. The goal is to make the workshop an active
discussion forum for all work related to bytecode. No formal
proceedings of the workshop will be published, but selected papers
might be invited for a special issue of Science of Computer Programming.

Important Dates
Paper submission: 	January 4, 2012
Notification: 		January 26, 2012
Final version: 		February 6, 2012

Submission information
We solicit extended abstracts and position papers of at most 8 pages,
describing work related to semantics, verification, analysis and
transformation. In particular, we explicitly welcome tool
demonstrations. Submissions may overlap with submissions to other
conferences or journals. There will be a light-weight reviewing
process, where submissions will be judged on their interest to the
workshop audience.

There will be no formal proceedings of the workshop. All accepted
submissions will be distributed among the workshop participants. After
the workshop, presenters of extended abstracts, position papers, tool
demos and of invited presentations may be invited to contribute to a
special issue of Science of Computer Programming. Invitations will be based on submissions
and presentations.

Papers can be submitted (as PDF) through easy chair

Marieke Huisman, University of Twente, Netherlands.

All questions about the workshop can be addressed to her via mail:
[email protected].

Workshop Committee
Elvira Albert, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
June Andronick, NICTA, Australia
Massimo Bartoletti, University of Cagliari, Italy
Lennart Beringer, Princeton University, USA
Marieke Huisman, University of Twente, Netherlands
Francesco Logozzo, Microsoft Research, USA
Peter Müller, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Tamara Rezk, INRIA Sophia Antipolis-Mediterranee, France
Bernhard Scholz, University of Sydney, Australia
Fausto Spoto, University of Verona, Italy