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29th International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par 2023): Last Call for Papers
by George Angelos Papadopoulos, Feb. 6, 2023

Euro-Par is the prime European conference covering all aspects of parallel and
distributed processing, ranging from theory to practice, from small to the largest
parallel and distributed systems and infrastructures, from fundamental
computational problems to applications, from architecture, compiler, language and
interface design and implementation, to tools, support infrastructures, and
application performance aspects. The main audience of Euro-Par are researchers in
academic institutions, government laboratories and industrial organisations.
Euro-Par aims to be the primary choice of such professionals for the presentation of
new results in their specific areas. Euro-Par provides an excellent forum for focused
technical discussion, as well as interaction with a large, broad and diverse audience.
In addition, Euro-Par conferences provide a platform for a number of accompanying,
technical workshops for smaller and emerging communities.

The 21st International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM) BPM 2023
by Andrea Delgado, Jan. 31, 2023

The 21st International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM)
BPM 2023
September 11-15, 2023
Utrecht, The Netherlands

*Call for Research papers*

ETAPS 2023 Call For Participation
by jankofron, Jan. 30, 2023

ETAPS 2023 registration is open.

Early registration is until 28 February 2023. After 22 March, late
registration rates apply.

DisCoTec 2023
by Giorgio Audrito, Jan. 28, 2023

This conference provides a well-established forum for the growing community of researchers interested in models, languages, architectures, and implementation techniques for coordination of distributed systems.
Call for papers, abstract deadline February 11, 2023.

Call for papers: Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics 2023
by Paul Levy, Jan. 13, 2023

Calling for paper submissions in the 39th conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics, in Indiana University Bloomington, on 20-23 June 2023. The conference is joint with CALCO (Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science). Submissions are 15 pages. The deadline for your abstract is 24 March, and the paper 31 March, anywhere on earth.

[MoreVMs'23] Call for Extended Abstracts, Talks, and Blog Posts
by smarr, Dec. 23, 2022

The 7th MoreVMs workshop aims to bring together industrial and academic
programmers to discuss the design, implementation, and usage of modern
languages and runtimes.
This includes aspects such as reuse of language
runtimes, modular implementation, language design, compilation strategies,
as well as the interaction of modern languages and runtimes with operating
systems and modern hardware architectures.
By bringing together both
researchers and practitioners, the workshop aims to enable a diverse
discussion on how languages and runtimes are currently being utilized,
and where they need to improve further.

FORTE'23 first CfP
by Antonio Ravara, Dec. 21, 2022

First Call-for-Papers of the 43nd International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems

2nd CfP - 29th International Symposium on Model Checking of Software - SPIN 2023
by Georgiana Caltais, Dec. 18, 2022

29th International Symposium on Model Checking of Software - SPIN 2023
Paris, France
April 26-27
co-located with ETAPS 2023

SPIN 2023 website: