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New Board
by Mark van den Brand, July 17, 2010

We have had elections for new board members and eventually 3 new board members were selected, Greg Michaelson, Peter van Roy and Mark van den Brand. The board members Maurizio Gabbrielli, Manuel Hermenegildo and Alan Mycroft stepped down.
by Mark van den Brand, April 12, 2010

EAPLS is at

ETAPS best paper award 2010
by Mark van den Brand, March 23, 2010

The ETAPS best paper award from EAPLS goes to: Jyotirmoy Deshmukh, Ganesan Ramalingam, Venkatesh Prasad Ranganath and Kapil Vaswani

ETAPS best paper award 2007
by Mark van den Brand, Feb. 20, 2008

The ETAPS best paper award from EAPLS goes to: Daniel Grund and Sebastian Hack.

ETAPS best paper award 2006
by Herbert Kuchen, May 17, 2006

The ETAPS best paper award 2006 goes to:
B. Rudiak-Gould, A. Mycroft, and S. Peyton Jones.

New board members elected
by Herbert Kuchen, May 15, 2006

As a result of the recent elections
the following new board members have been elected:
Giogio Ghelli,
Jens Knoop,
Arend Rensink.

EAPLS board elections
by Christoph Lembeck, April 4, 2006

Several board members have to be elected. If you are an EAPLS member please vote for your favorite candidate by March 31.

ETAPS 2006, March 25 - April 2, Vienna
by Herbert Kuchen, Dec. 19, 2005

The European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS) is the primary European forum for academic and industrial researchers working on topics relating to Software Science. ETAPS, established in 1998, is a confederation of five main annual conferences, accompanied by satellite workshops and other events. ETAPS 2006 is the ninth event in the series.