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WPTE 2023 (affiliated to FSCD 2023 in Rome, Italy) CFP
by Stefan Ciobaca, March 8, 2023

10th International Workshop on Rewriting Techniques for Program
Transformations and Evaluation (July 1st, 2023)

Deadline: 21 April 2023

CfP: 16th Interaction and Concurrency Experience (ICE 2023)
by Cinzia DI GIUSTO, Feb. 27, 2023

The Interaction and Concurrency Experience (ICE) series of
international scientific meetings are a forum for computer science
researchers with research interests in models, verification, tools, and programming primitives for complex interactions.
The deadline is approach, please consider submitting.

8th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages (WAPL 2023)
by Geylani Kardas, Feb. 24, 2023

Programming languages are programmers' most basic tools. With appropriate programming languages one can drastically reduce the cost of building new applications as well as maintaining existing ones. In the last decades there have been many advances in programming languages technology in traditional programming paradigms such as functional, logic, and object-oriented programming, as well as the development of new paradigms such as aspect-oriented programming. The main driving force was and will be to better express programmers' ideas. Therefore, research in programming languages is an endless activity and the core of computer science. New language features, new programming paradigms, and better compile-time and run-time mechanisms can be foreseen in the future.

The aims of this session is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and experience in topics concerned with programming languages and systems. Original papers and implementation reports are invited in all areas of programming languages.

ARRAY 2023 (colocated with PLDI): call for papers
by Troels Henriksen, Feb. 23, 2023

The ARRAY workshop, now in its ninth year, explores all aspects of array programming, including libraries, language, performance, optimisation, analysis, etc.

Trends in Configurable Systems Analysis ([email protected])
by Clemens Dubslaff, Feb. 20, 2023

Deadline extended to 3rd of March 2023.

Most of nowadays computing systems are configurable. The exponential size in the number of parameters or even continuous configuration spaces ask for specialized methods for the design, implementation, and analysis of such configurable systems. The main goal of this workshop is to bring researchers together, present trends and challenges, develop new ideas, and foster collaborations within the field of configurable systems analysis. Accepted submissions allow for presentation at the workshop and handing in extended papers for post-proceedings.

SOAP 2023 Call for Papers
by pietroferrara, Jan. 31, 2023

12th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on the State Of the Art in Program Analysis

Submission deadline: 10 March
More info at

[email protected]'23: Call for Presentations and Post-proceedings Papers
by Clemens Dubslaff, Jan. 30, 2023

Workshop on Trends in Configurable Systems Analysis (TiCSA):
System variants often arise by configuring parameters that have a direct impact on the system’s behavior. TiCSA bring researchers together, presenting ideas and challenges, develop new ideas, and foster collaborations in the field of configurable systems analysis.

PLACES 2023 - 14th Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency- and Communication-cEntric Software
by Alceste Scalas, Jan. 17, 2023

PLACES 2023 is a satellite workshop of ETAPS 2023 in Paris, France. For over a decade, PLACES has been a popular forum for researchers from different fields to exchange new ideas about challenges to modern and future programming, where concurrency and distribution are the norm rather than a marginal concern.