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Bx 2020 - Call for Papers
by leen, Feb. 19, 2020

Bidirectional transformations (bx) are a mechanism for maintaining the consistency of at least two related sources of information. Such sources can be relational databases, software models and code, or any other document following standard or ad-hoc formats. Bx are an emerging topic in a wide range of research areas, with prominent presence at top conferences in several different fields (namely databases, programming languages, software engineering, and graph transformation), but with results in one field often getting limited exposure in the others. Bx 2020 is a dedicated venue for bx in all relevant fields, and is part of a workshop series that was created in order to promote cross-disciplinary research and awareness in the area. As such, since its beginning in 2012, the workshop has rotated between venues in different fields.

6th Workshop on Model Driven Approaches in System Development (MDASD 2020)
by Ivan Lukovic, Jan. 14, 2020

A goal of the proposed workshop is to bring together people working on MD languages, techniques and tools, as well as Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and applying them in the requirements engineering, information system and application development, databases, and related areas, so that they can exchange their experience, create new ideas, evaluate and improve MD approaches and spread its use. The intention is to target an interdisciplinary nature of MD approaches in software engineering, as well as research topics expressed by but not limited to acronyms such as Model Driven Software Engineering (MDSE), Model Driven Software Development (MDSD), Domain Specific Modeling (DSM), and OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

CFP: 18th Belgium-Netherlands Software Evolution Workshop - BENEVOL 2019
by Dario Di Nucci, Sept. 20, 2019

The Call for Paper for the 18th Belgium-Netherlands Software Evolution Workshop

Brussels, Belgium
28th - 29th November, 2019

Call for Presentations on Principles of Secure Compilation (PriSC Workshop @ POPL 2020)
by Dominique Devriese, Aug. 28, 2019

The Workshop on Principles of Secure Compilation (PriSC) is a relatively new, informal 1-day workshop without any proceedings. The goal is to bring together researchers interested in secure compilation and to identify interesting research directions and open challenges.
The 4th edition of PriSC will be held on January 25 in New Orleans, Louisiana USA together with the ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL), 2020.
Submission deadline: Fri 18 Oct 2019.

Refinement workshop: Deadline extension
by Brijesh Dongol, July 2, 2019

REFINE 2019: Refinement Workshop - 2nd Call for papers

Co-located with FM 2019
Porto, Portugal, 7 October, 2019

Submission link:

Important dates:
July 15, 2019: extended submission deadline
July 31, 2019: notifications
October 7, 2019: workshop

CFP - ModComp'19 - The 6th International Workshop on Interplay of Model-Driven and Component-Based Software Engineering
by Andreas Wortmann, June 25, 2019

6th International Workshop on Interplay of Model-Driven and Component-Based Software Engineering (ModComp)
* co-located at MODELS 2019 in Munich
* abstracts due July 10, full papers July 17
* more at

Workshop on Model-Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (CyPhy’19)
by Abd-Elhamid Taha, June 15, 2019

Model-Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (CyPhy'19) takes a broad interpretation of the area and aims to facilitate the timely consolidation and sharing of new knowledge from its diverse sub-disciplines. Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) integrate computing and communication capabilities into physical systems and are therefore an important domain for innovation, encompassing robotics; smart homes, buildings, and mobility solutions; medical implants; drones, and numerous others. CPSs are also the medium through which next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications will be deployed, and are a growing source of big data. CyPhy'19 brings together researchers and practitioners working on next-generation technologies for modeling, development, analysis, simulation, optimization, evaluation, and deployment of CPSs.

This year, Professor Edward A. Lee (UC Berkeley) will give the invited talk.

Abstract submission August 12th, 2019

[TAPAS 2019] 10th Workshop on Tools for Automatic Program Analysis (extended deadline)
by David Delmas, May 29, 2019

8 October 2019, Porto, Portugal.
Part of the FM Week.

This workshop is intended to promote discussions and exchange experience between users of static analysis tools and specialists in all areas of program analysis design and implementation.